Borg War : The Cast



S t o r y C a s t S h i p s F. A. Q. L i n k s C o n t a c t D o w n l o a d s 

Starbase 28

Captain Picard.  While his duties now entail overseeing the Federation's anti-Borg research effort at Unity Starbase, he remains captain of the Enterprise.   Alas, the crew from the glory years has moved on.  Voiced by Patrick Stewart.
Captain Tuvok.  The soft-spoken Vulcan finally got his promotion, after a career that goes back to the days of Captain Kirk!  He's currently in command of the Dallas, a Defiant-class starship, specially adapted for combat against the Borg.  Voiced by Tim Russ.
[Admiral] Arai.  Arguably the most dangerous female in the Alpha quadrant, Arai is not only Tal Shiar, but an expert in LCARS, cloaking technology, and hand-to-hand combat. She's currently undercover as a Romulan lieutenant maintaining the Dallas's illegal cloaking device.  Voiced by Nancy Linari.
Kleeya.  This eighteen-year-old daughter of a Borg escapee is already famous for her groundbreaking research in man-machine relationships.  As part of her post-doctoral work, she's assisting Star Fleet to on its anti-Borg strategy.  Voiced by Amanda Winn-Lee.
(Special credit to James Brophy for Kleeya's jumpsuit.)
General Mi'Qoch.  The elder statesman of an upstart clan that has been given control of the Klingon's anti-Borg research program. Currently in command of the Rac'tah, a massive starbase/shipyard facility located close to Borg space.  Voiced by Brock Peters.
Jureth Mi'Qoch.  The eldest son of General Mi'Qoch is the anti-Borg liason between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet.  As a courtesy, he's been given the rank of Starfleet Ensign, but his truest allegiance is to the House of Mi'Qoch and to the Empire. Voiced by Greg Eagles.
Kephren Mi'Qoch.  The youngest son of General Mi'Qoch. An adept at Batleth combat, Kephren most recently commanded the Noc'jedg, a Klingon battlecruiser armed with advanced anti-Borg weaponry.
Lieutenant Barclay. Experience came hard to this ill-at-ease engineer, but he's proven his worth to Picard enough times to become the Enterprise's head of engineering. Voiced by Dwight Schultz.
The Archeopendra.  This hybrid of Borg and Exomorph has dreams of conquest beyond the wildest computations of the Borg. 

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