Borg War : The Ships



S t o r y C a s t S h i p s F. A. Q. L i n k s C o n t a c t D o w n l o a d s 

Starbase 28

The Enterprise.  The Starfleet Flagship under attack by Borg cutting beams.
The Dallas.
The Defiant class  starship launches an advanced shuttle.
Borg Asteroid.
A Borg mega-sphere launches an attack.
The Noc'jedg.
A Klingon battlecruiser leaves stardock. 

Design credits to Raven Night "Ravennx", Gabriel Crown "Mind-Blip", and Scott Brown "Captain KoraH".


The Scimitar-B.  
A Romulan dreadnaught leaves Unity Starbase.

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